Tim Graham

Years of experience: 31

Expertise: General Contracting, Project Supervision, Sales, hands on work

Michel Giroux

Years of experience: 25

Expertise: Carpentry, Finish Carpentry

Carmen LaChaize

Years of experience: 21

Expertise: Tiles

Quentin Soo

Years of experience: 22

Expertise: Certified Jouneyman Electrician

Before we get started, we sit down and plan  your renovation. We give you an accurate estimate and we stand by it - no added surprises 2 weeks into the project. We take you through the reasons why the work needs to be done in a specific way, to avoid unanticpated surprises in a year from now.                 


Professional tradesmen work with you to create a plan  that excites you, creating anticipation of the enjoyment of your new space. we don't cut corners and ensure your satisfaction in a job well done. Our business is very referral based so we have to be good at every job, big or small!                       

Our Staff

We transform the parts of your home that we work on into your dream space! Even bathrooms become nicer to just look at! We take your vision and transform your dream into reality by doing quality work with quality tradespeople in a timely manner. We do it on budget with confidence and ensure that there are no surprises later because of a missed detail.

Integrity, experience, connections to and using great tradesmen, knowledge of what it takes to get the job done right, and on time. Having been in the home remodeling business for 30 years means a lot of things. But our strength lies in providing our customers with peace of mind that the job is going to be done right - the FIRST time!

Our Vision

Our Strengths

We understand that for the next little while, your home is going to be in transition - and we know that you still have to live in it. So we do our best to ensure that your home is still comfortable and mess free. Our attention to keeping mes, dust and noise to a minimum is second to none!